Eligibility to become a member

Any organization (non government, small & medium enterprise, profit making, non-profit making, local, national, or Bangladesh base international development organizations) active in the field of craft and hand-woven textile having registration with the Government of Bangladesh and willing to practice as well as promote Fair Trade Principles and willing to play an active role in promoting Fair Trade Movement are eligible to become the member of EFTF subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

Three kinds of Memberships are offered:

                1. Associate Membership
                2. General Membership
                3. Affiliate Membership
Associate Membership

Associate Membership will be awarded to the fair trading organizations, fulfilling the requirements for membership, for one year.

General Membership

The Associate Members are eligible to get full membership after one year on approval of the Executive Committee.

Affiliate Membership

Incase of membership of individual applicant, the applicant will obtain Affiliate Membership. The Affiliate Members will not be eligible to become General Members.

How to Become a Member

  • You can download the Preliminary Information Form from the web and send it to us by post or e-mail.

  • We will visit your organization to see the handicrafts activities and issues related to Fair Trade after receiving the completed form.

  • The visit report along with the Preliminary Information Form will be placed before the Executive Committee for consideration.

  • If the Executive Committee feels that the organization plays or has the potential for playing an active role in promoting Fair Trade Movement and has demonstrated commitment to the objectives of EFTF, then the applicant organization will be awarded Associate Membership for 1 (one) year.

  • The Associate Members are eligible to get full membership after one year by the approval of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will consider the Associate Member’s role played as a Fair and Ethical Trade Practitioner, contribution to the promotion of Fair and Ethical Trade Movement, and participation in the activities of EFTF.

  • For any more queries regarding Membership, please contact us at info@eftfbd.org

Requirements for Membership

  • Must have a legally valid development and/or business registration with the Government of Bangladesh.

  • Must be involved in the Handicraft sector with at least a year of work experience since registration.

  • The Preliminary Information Form must be recommended in writing by one of the present ECOTA Fair Trade Forum Members.

  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the intending organization shall have to apply in a prescribed form.

  • CEO or head of the concerned desk of the organization must represent the member in the General Body (GB).

  • Only Fair Trading organizations/enterprises will be awarded membership, after the EFTF inspection & approval.

  • Willingness to share knowledge & ideas among members while respecting other members’ areas of work; ready to shoulder any responsibility towards welfare of the artisans.

  • Willingness to pay the admission & yearly fees and financial contributions required time to time to organize EFTF program.

  • Admission fees for membership is –

    • Associate Member : Tk. 4,000 per year

    • Affiliate Member : Tk. 1,000 per year

  • Annual Membership Subscription will be -
    • General Member : Tk. 4,000 per year

    • Associate Member : Tk. 2,000 per year

    • Affiliate Member : Tk. 1,000 per year

1. Under special circumstances, the CEO may send another employee to attend the GB affairs, provided it is informed beforehand to the EFTF CEO. But such requests will not be repeatedly entertained.

2. Organizations those meet the fair trade standards, or are playing active role in promoting fair trade movement, or has demonstrated commitment for such.


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