Collective Export Fair Participation of ECOTA's Members

Supported By ECOTA Fair Trade Limited
Objective To provide facilities & technical supports to the member organizations of ECOTA. To find out export readiness situation, Make export readiness by providing technical support Facilitate to international trade fair participation collectively by assisting product development & promotion materials development, communication support etc.



Gender Equity Awareness Training in Fair Trade Artisan Groups

Supported By People Tree Foundation & Christian Aid -UK
Objective Overall Objective: The overall objective is to empower women artisans by raising their awareness of their rights and building their capacity to take leadership roles. To ensure gender equity in the workplace through protecting the rights and legal entitlements of female artisans and engaging and encouraging factory management towards promoting systematic change across the sector. Objective 1: Increase the capacity of ECOTA and member organizations middle management to reduce gender-based discrimination in the workplace through trainings on system and practices, VAW, gender sensitivity and legal rights so that they can replicate training within their HR planning. Objective 2: Promote the rights and agency of artisans by reducing gender-based violence and discrimination in the workplace.


10 (ten) months, covering the period March 1st to December 31, 2022

Nepal Bangladesh Exchange Program

Supported By Norwegian Agency for Exchange Cooperation (Norec)
Objective Nepal Bangladesh Exchange Program will promote cross boundary learning between two countries strengthening the knowledge base and skill sets of the producers and Fair Trade secretariat bodies ultimately contributing to promoting Fair Trade.



Establishing and Enhancing a Sustainable South-South Fair Trade Partnership

Supported By Fredskorpset- Norway
Objective The ultimate goal of the exchange program is to strengthen Fair Trade products of the partners in both fair trade and main stream market



Introducing Partnership Brokering of ECOTA Fair Trade Limited to Promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Handicrafts Sector of Bangladesh

Supported By CARE-Catalyst
Objective To find out the scopes of introducing Partnership brokering with CSR among the handicraft sector in Bangladesh.


Human Rights Promotion through the strengthening of Fair Trade

Supported By EC & Terre des homes Italia
Objective Contribution to the promotion of human rights among traditional handicraft and textile producers and traders.



Support to Develop Fair Trade Handicraft Entrepreneurship

Supported By European Union & SPF
Objective Fair Trade Entrepreneurship development to foster compatible employment in the handicraft sector of Bangladesh.



Creating Awareness Of Design And Product Development As A Tool Of Obtaining Competitiveness

Supported By European Union & SPF
Objective Member NGOs and SMEs of ECOTA Fair Trade Ltd. have increased realization on production



Promotion of Private Sectors in the Post- Era Enterprise Information Services

Supported By German Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Objective Increased Use and Improved Supply of Demand-Let Enterprise Information.


June 2005- December 2007

Network Project

Supported By Trade Craft Exchange
Objective Providing technical support services to the member organizations



Linking Artisans to Global Markets via Internet Project

Supported By PEOPLink/ Catgen
Objective To exploit Internet to link the artisans to Global market.



CAPI (Crafts and Producer Improvement)

Supported By Oxfam GB
Objective To increase the income opportunities of the indigent artisans of handcrafted sector. Moreover immediate objective were to improve the condition of the grass-root level artisans, lobby and advocacy with various GOs, NGOs, media persons both printing and electronic and other organizations



Bangladesh Export Market Assistance Programme

Supported By DFID
Objective To enable a significant number of SMEs in Bangladesh to participate in both local and international trade in a sustainable way which benefits their employees



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